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Cleaning Grout

Tile and Grout Cleaning

tile grout cleaning Believe it or not, that thin, sandy strip of grout in between each of your porcelain, stone or ceramic tiles is one of the most important aspects of your tile surface. Without grout, anything you drop or spill on your floor would be able to creep in between your tiles and start an ecosystem of its very own. With grout filling the gap between your tiles, you now have some defense against this predicament. But grout is porous and can absorb liquids, dirt and dust so it needs to be cleaned and maintained in order to keep the appearance looking new and to keep the area sanitized and safe from bacteria and mold.

The best way to make sure your grout is cleaned safely and effectively is to call your local grout cleaning contractor. A professional and affordable contractor can clean, repair, and restore your grout so that it is looks like it did when your floors, bathrooms and other tiled surfaces were new. In addition to using the right chemicals for safe, effective cleaning, contractors also have the right tools to remove stains and deep set dirt. For really tough stains, your contractor can use high-pressured steam to effectively remove the dirt and bacteria from your grout.

One of the most frequent requests received by contractors is to clean and sanitize all the tiled surfaces in bathrooms of retail and residential locations. Bathrooms are especially tricky since they are damp rooms. Bathrooms also tend to have more tile and grout than any other room in the house. Unfortunately, this gives mold and mildew the perfect breeding ground. Your grout cleaning contractor will use a variety of methods to ensure that your bathroom is cleaned safely and effectively - removing any chance for illness causing mold to build up.

Whether you've got tile in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, you've no doubt noticed that stains can occur on grout quite frequently due to accidental spills. Scrubbing the surface grout - the layer of grout you can see - will not always remove the stain. In some cases, this offers temporary relief, but eventually the stain creeps back up from the bottom layers of grout where it has found a comfortable home. Your contractor knows that cleaning stained grout involves reaching the bottom layers of grout that the stain has been absorbed into, and making sure to completely remove it. There is an art to this type of cleaning, and use of the proper tools and chemicals is imperative in making sure no damage is done to your floors.

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