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Marble Floor Polishing & Cleaning

clean polished marble floor

Cleaning Marble Floors

Marble floors have been popular for centuries. They have a classic look that goes well with any style décor - from Victorian to Art Deco to Mid Century Modern. It's amazing that even after hundreds of years of popular use, the cleaning and maintenance of these floors is still so daunting to some homeowners.This natural stone can be a puzzle when trying to figure out its maintenance needs. You absolutely need to keep them clean to maintain their luster, but there are also very few products that are safe for marble floors yet will do an effective job. Add to that the fact that you also need to consider protecting the marble floor, and removing stains on marble floors, and it quickly becomes confusing. Thankfully, your local marble and grout cleaning contractor takes the mystery out of the cleaning and upkeep of your expensive marble floors. He or she can also prevent you from making costly errors when choosing the right chemicals to clean your marble surfaces.

The first step in protecting your marble floors is to seal them. Marble is very porous and it will quickly absorb any liquids spilled on it, forming a stain that is almost impossible to get rid of. The best defense is a good offense, and calling in your marble and grout cleaning contractor to apply a sealant every two years will help to prevent costly stains. Many commercial and residential building owners with marble surfaces make the mistake of using varnish or lacquer to seal their marble. Unfortunately, these sealants are not formulated for marble and they will both quickly come off the marble -they accomplish nothing but giving you a false sense of security. The only marble sealer ever used should be a commercial product designed specifically for sealing marble floors. Your contractor will know the best and most affordable option.

Sealing your marble is a great first step in ensuring the long-term protection of your surface. The next step is to work with your contractor to determine the appropriate amount and frequency for routine maintenance and cleaning. Marble surfaces are delicate and the wrong chemical can cause irreparable damage. Even leaving water on the surface for too long can ruin portions of your marble, so be sure to entrust the maintenance of your marble to the experienced hands of your contractor. Another consideration when asking your contractor to clean stains or regular dust and dirt from your marble floors is the grout that lies between your marble floor tiles. The only really effective and safe way of cleaning this grout is to use a commercial product that is specially designed for this purpose. Your contractor will have all the most reliable and gentle chemicals and tools to accomplish this delicate task

Once all the basic maintenance has been performed on your marble floors, your contractor will give them a professional marble floor polishing to produce even more shine. Marble polishing can even fix blemishes in your marble, such as scratches and nicks.

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