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Cleaning Mexican Tile Grout

Mexican Tile Mexican tile, also referred to as Saltillo tile or Tecate tile, is very different from porcelain and ceramic tile. It has more in common with natural stone, but the upkeep and maintenance of Mexican tile differs greatly from that of natural stone.

Mexican tiles generally come from Brazil, Mexico, and other Latin countries. The tile is made of clay and no matter what name you call it, Mexican tiles are all made the same way. They are hand crafted and then baked at low temperatures. Usually these tiles are not flat or perfectly square. In some situations you may even see animal tracks in the tile's finish.

Many earth toned Mexican tiles are a staple in outdoor patio areas as well as kitchens. The soft, warm and earthy look and feel of these tiles makes them extremely popular in the heart of the home. Of course, the heart of the home is also the most used part of the home. This often exposes delicate Mexican tile to constant traffic and use which can result in damaged tile if the proper care and maintenance steps are not taken.

Generally, sanded grout is used with Mexican tile. However, in some cases unsanded grout may be used, and your contractor will know which grout is best to use with your tile. Because so many of the hand painted Mexican tiles are mainly white in color, white grout is often used with them. White grout is extremely difficult to keep clean, especially when the delicate tiles require non-abrasive chemicals for cleaning. Additionally, the mineral deposits within the clay that your tile is made from can require special chemicals and care in order to clean without damage. Your professional grout cleaning contractor knows the right chemicals and tools to use in order to clean your grout and to seal and protect it against stains and damage

Unlike other tile, Mexican tile actually requires regular waxing. Applying wax to the tiles creates a protective barrier on the tile that helps to shield it from wear and tear, dirt, dust, liquids and stains. It is important to make sure that the wax is applied by a contractor regularly. If the wrong wax is used, or, if too much wax is applied, it can result in lackluster, dirty-looking tile with wax build up. If wax is applied over a dirty floor or stained grout, it locks in the dirt and stains making it impossible for your floors to look like new. Additionally, wax that is applied improperly will be uneven and streaky. Your contractor will thoroughly clean and strip your floors before applying the wax and will use the proper tools and methods of application to make sure that you get the best possible results.

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