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Mosaic Tile Regrouting

Regrouting Mosaic Tile

mosaic tile groutMosaic tiles are complex, individualized designs that can give your floor a worldly, quaint, and personalized style. No two mosaics look the same--even if you choose the same mosaic design as you've seen on a floor in Italy, you will find that your mosaic designer or contractor gives it a unique twist with his or her own style and with the stones and tiles used.

Mosaics combine many different tile, stone, or glass pieces. The pieces are usually quite small so that there is more flexibility in the shape of the design and the color palette. Depending on the result you want, your mosaic contractor may mix media - using glass as well as tile or stone within your design. Or, your mosaic might consist exclusively of small tiles.

Having mosaics installed in your home can be extremely expensive. Your contractor will create a pattern that fits your chosen design and the space allotted to the mosaic. Then, he or she will determine what material to use and in which part of the mosaic each material should go. For example, if your mosaic is a large flower, your contractor may suggest that you use ceramic tile for the green stem of the flower and glass stones for the petals. Once the design is complete, and the tile is laid, the design needs to be grouted. Grout lines in most mosaics are very thin, so they don't detract from the design. While this is aesthetically pleasing, it can make cleaning and repairing extremely difficult.

When you call your contractor in to clean the delicate lines of grout within your mosaic, they will first attempt to use a tile-safe cleanser. Depending on the mix of tiles and stones used in the mosaic, this can be a challenging task. Some cleansers work well and don't damage ceramic tile, but they may scratch or erode natural stone. Finding the right balance of chemicals to safely and effectively clean your tile may take some time for your contractor.

Once they've attempted to clean the grout with their specialized mix, if they find that the grout lines can not be cleaned using their cleansers, the will then use a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners are more powerful than they seem and they are able to gently lift out deep stains and dirt without damaging any of the tiles or stones used in the mosaic. If your grout becomes chipped, cracked or irreparably stained, the next step for your contractor is to remove the grout. Using a grout saw, a scraper and other tools, your contractor will carefully dig out the existing grout without chipping or scraping the stones or tile in your mosaic. After the grout is completely removed and the grout lines are cleaned out, he or she will mix new grout and spread it onto the mosaic. Since dried grout can permanently damage tile, glass and stone, your contractor will use extreme caution and will immediately wipe up any grout that falls on the surface of your mosaic.

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