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Tile Repair

Repairing Hollow Tile

Fixing Hollow tiles

Have you ever walked around your house and noticed a hollow sound? Well, if you have then there's a problem with your tile. The tile is probably hollow underneath! And this can happen from a number of factors. GroutCeaning.com will help you find the problem, while saving you time and money.

Removing Bad Tile The main factor for hallow tiles is improper installation. Another is a substrate problem (usually moisture) that has seperated the mortar from the concrete.

We have outlined a procedure for injecting epoxy underneath the tile to re-bond the tile. This will save you time and money on replacing the tile. If this method doesn't work then replacing the tile is the other option.

Repairing Bad Tile The tools required are a drill motor, carbide tipped blade equal to the grout joint size (preferable a little smaller), a large construction syringe, a supply of quality two part epoxy, and a supply of matching grout and a tile brush.

Holes are carefully drilled into the grout joints on either side of the loose tile. Epoxy is mixed properly and injected into one of the holes with a tight fitting fixture until epoxy comes out the other side. Tile mechanics that have used this method have used golf tees in the opposite hole to ensure that the epoxy completely fills all voids prior to oozing out the other hole.

Ripping out Bad Tile Nevertheless, the epoxy is dug out slightly and allowed to cure then the holes are grouted leaving the procedure complete. Unless you're confident about performing this procedue, it's best to call a professional to give you a free repair estimate.

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